About The Author

I’ve loved mysteries ever since Scooby-Doo joined the Saturday morning cartoon line-up when I was a kid. I liked books, too. A lot.

Originally from the Pennsylvania/Ohio border region, I relocated to San Diego, California, after one vacationing January when I stood in the Pacific Ocean instead of a Midwest blizzard.

I have a Communications/Marketing degree from Miami University (Ohio) and I’ve enjoyed a uniquely successful marketing career, promoting everything from Hollywood celebrities and professional sports figures to airplanes and children’s books. After penning three write-for-hire award-winning children’s paperbacks for San Diego International Airport, (and years of studying the craft,) my dream is to be a traditionally published author of humorous middle grade mysteries, mostly devoid of airplanes.

I live with Michael, my husband; Tater, a rescued Cocker Spaniel who was probably a model in a past life; and Rocki, a mixed-breed rescue who I think is part Tasmanian Devil with an identity crisis. My amazing children, Jack and Grace, have grown and left the nest, after discovering their middle grade years had provided a great deal of inspirational fodder for my humorous mysteries. 


Stay clued in!

Dear Reader, my humorous mysteries for ages 8-12 are waiting to find the perfect publisher. While you wait, get a free membership certificate to the Youth Sleuth Club, along with fun puzzles, mysteries and riddles to solve on your own!

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