Deuce Kloogan, Lead Detective

Eleven-year-old Deuce is taking Dad’s place as one of the “Big Dogs” while Dad is on yet another secret intelligence mission. The other Big Dogs are Chief (former Chief of Police and Deuce’s grandfather), and Chief’s mischievous friends: Fasthands Lou, Scat, Poppa Wheelie, and Tommy the Hammer. The high-spirited group plays poker for peanuts (in the shells, so no one eats the jackpot) at the mysterious Shady Palms Retirement Home. Deuce loves the Big Dogs. They’re jokesters and good friends who help fill the hollow that aches big-time whenever Dad is away. And he’s away a lot.

Miss Sophia’s diamond ring has been stolen! It’s a precious heirloom she had intended to pass down to her visiting grandniece, 10-year-old Graciella. But Miss Sophia doesn’t want the police involved for fear that her quirky friends at Shady Palms will resent being interviewed as potential suspects.

Coming from a long line of Kloogan heroes, Deuce is eager to prove he’s a brave Kloogan, too. Besides, he’s read every issue of Youth Sleuth Comics, and he has some clever detective tricks in his crime kit. But when Deuce finds the first clue… peanut shells at the scene of the crime, he knows he must risk losing his beloved Big Dog pals to solve the mystery. He’s devastated, but he can’t resist the case. Besides, there are plenty of other zany suspects at Shady Palms… and they all have secrets.

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