School Visits

Consider a presentation that will inspire kids to be the best writers they can be… while laughing!

Workshops can be structured as a one- or two-day in-class events, or as an ongoing segment of an English class or a writing class curriculum. I firmly believe that these workshops will not only inspire our young writers but also encourage them to develop a love for reading and literature. Each workshop salutes an education that nurtures creativity and a lifelong love for learning.

How a book gets traditionally published

Writing a draft is only the beginning! Do you know what a literary agent does? Do you know how to get one? Once an agent gets a publisher interested, an editor will champion your book to the finish line. But first, there are many steps… acquisitions, marketing and PR plans, book cover design, jacket copy, and lots of editing! Are you ready to get started?

The secrets to writing a great mystery

This fun, interactive journey examines the concepts of plot construction, dialogue, character development, logical thinking, great opening and endings, and suspenseful pacing, as well as clue placement, red herrings, heroes, and villains!

Stay clued in!

Dear Reader, my humorous mysteries for ages 8-12 are waiting to find the perfect publisher. While you wait, get a free membership certificate to the Youth Sleuth Club, along with fun puzzles, mysteries and riddles to solve on your own!

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